Evaluation Policy


Class I - V:

For primary classes, evaluation is done in the four assessments periods. The four assessments periods are April to July, August to October, October to December and January to March.

Evaluation of the students is done on a 6 grade point scale for scholastic area and 4 grade point scale for co-scholastic areas as recommended by the CBSE.

Students are assessed through oral interaction, communication skills, quiz, projects etc. as well as written activities.

Evaluation Policy 1Classroom

Class VI – X:

For middle school classes VI – X and secondary classes IX and X, evaluation is done on the basis of four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments.
The evaluation is done on a 9 grade point scale as prescribed by CBSE for Scholastic areas and 5 grade point scale for Co-scholastic areas.
Minimum Grade required to qualify in each subject is ‘D’ for these classes 6th to 10th.

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Class XI & XII:


Policy of evaluation for the students of class XI and XII at school level has been changed w.e.f session 2014 – 2015 under the following modalities:

  1. 1. Four Assessments (100 marks each of 3 hrs. duration) are conducted to evaluate the students during the session, namely Summative Assessment I, II, III & IV.
  2. 2. Schedule for Summative Assessments:

i.Summative Assessment I – In the month of July.

ii. Summative Assessment II – In the month of September.

iii. Summative Assessment III – In the month of December.

iv. Summative Assessment IV – In the month of March (for class XI)

In the month of January (for class XII)

    3 .The following weightage is to be given to all the Summative Assessments to calculate aggregate marks for the purpose of promotion from Class XI to XII:

i. Summative Assessment I – 10%

ii. Summative Assessment II – 20%

iii. Summative Assessment III – 30%

iv. Summative Assessment IV – 40%