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Teaching Pedagogies

Cambridge International Education (CIE)

Cambridge International Education (CIE) and Cambridge Learning Pathway

Cambridge International Education (CIE) prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. It is a part of the University of Cambridge.

Our school provides the learning through various stages of the program starting from Reception Years (Pre-primary), Primary, Lower Secondary and intend to start Upper Secondary (IGCSE) soon.

We foster active and experiential learning along with engagement through 21st century global learning within the affordable fee structure.

What makes us unique?

  • International Approach Towards Learning
    The Cambridge approach enables students to develop a global perspective from an early age. Cambridge IGSCE has laid out a meticulous system called the Cambridge Pathway. At each level, the curriculum focuses on giving deep subject knowledge to the students and encourages them to develop higher-order thinking skills with a conceptual understanding of the disciplines being taught beyond just examinations and rote learning.
  • Curriculum Designed to Suit Students’ Needs
    We work closely to curate a curriculum that is engaging, flexible and perfectly tailored to fit every student’s needs. A strong core curriculum is created, along with other subjects that will help students harness their truest potential and develop a deeper intellectual understanding and thought. It encourages students to have a multi-disciplinary approach towards their own education.
  • Qualifications Highly Recognized Among Top Universities
    Universities across the world now look for students who have deep subject knowledge and independent thought when it comes to thinking conceptually.
  • Master the English Language
    Being proficient in English is considered a major asset in today’s competitive world. It enables students to be confident in communicating in English, a language considered to be the dominant mode of communication in the academic and professional world.
  • Trained Teachers to Give Your Child the Best
    The quality of teachers is directly proportional to the quality of students. Our teachers undergo regular professional development throughout the teaching-learning journey ensuring that every child gets the best guidance throughout his/her academic journey. Give your young learner all the benefits of an international education and set the right course for a successful and bright future with CIE.

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