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SDG- Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals are an integral part of the school community, including every stakeholder. Our journey shows expeditious actions towards getting sensitized, creating awareness, taking actions on personal as well as local levels, and collaborating globally for a sustainable cause.

  • Our personal actions include:
  • Our teaching community, support staff, students and their families participated in awareness campaigns and began working towards the goals with smaller steps.

  • Our community actions include:
  • Moving out of our walls and spreading awareness through inter-school events with sustainability as a theme, Nukkad Natak, Debates, participation in various events organized by Government and other bodies.

  • Our Global Collaboration includes:
    • 1. RiseupforSDGs: A Global Year-Long Celebration
    • Tide Turner Plastic Challenge
    • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), a leading conservation organization in partnership with UN Environment
    • Understanding Sustainable Diet Course by UN CC:
    • Participation in GLOBAL GOALS International Project
    • Humane Happiness Project
  • SDG integration in the curriculum
  • SDGs are used in areas such as education, health, climate change and environmental protection, as well as social protection and employment opportunities. SDGs are not independent but interrelated and represent the master plan for achieving a sustainable future for all.

    The curriculum has been efficiently developed with the integration of the topics which would promote the SDGs such as art integration, artificial intelligence, information communication technology and EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat. Its successful execution gave us the confidence to move to the next step of possibility.

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