Affiliation No: 2130691
School Code : 60310


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To learn, to serve, to excel

Our school upholds a vision to maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of attaining the highest academic standards. We aim at the holistic development of our students’ personalities by making them understand the happenings of the world, encouraging them to serve the community and to excel in every field required to bring a change in the society. Our vision covers the following stages:

  • Understanding and appreciating India’s rich culture
  • Developing a sense of integrity, ethics, and honesty
  • Strong secular ethos
  • Leadership, with a sense of teamwork and fair play
  • Awareness of the environment
  • Concern for the less fortunate
  • Concern for human rights and democratic values
  • An inquisitive mind with a spirit of adventure

Mission Statement

To Achieve The Highest Academic Standard That Leads To Holistic Development

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