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Principal's Message

Principal's Message


‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think’. - Margaret Mead

We are approaching a new age of synthesis, where knowledge can no longer be restricted to getting a degree or acquiring a specific skillset. This synthesis demands a broader vision to education, developing capabilities in critical and creative thinking, logical inclusions and deductions and having a global perspective of things and situations to make it wholesome.

Vision is perhaps our greatest strength; the power and continuity of thoughts keeps us relevant and makes us evolve with every passing year. It helps us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown. We at IPS, ardently believe in the holistic development of our learners. Imbibing a sense of excitement for sports, culture, environmental awareness, digital proficiency and scholastic excellence among all learners have therefore been our topmost priority. A vast array of activities in our school, ranging from reading program, theatre, symposiums, art and craft, sports and digital proficiency and other skill development programs are all aligned to the vision, nature and spirit of NEP 2020

We saw opportunity in adversity and adapted every new initiative in the field of education to keep the learning at school relevant. We believe that every child has potential and the right mix of education rigour, exposure and experimentation will help them excel in any venture they would want to pursue later in life.

We understand that true education is concerned not only with livelihood goals but also with values. Our focus is therefore to nurture passion for our beloved country, and build leaders who will ensure progress of humanity. All activities for students are designed around intrinsic and essential human values to see them manifest in students’ conduct. We value every student and consider it our responsibility to help them realize their true potential. Honesty, integrity, empathy, mutual respect, team work and inclusivity is valued in our school.

As the Principal of the school, I commend all our stakeholders for coming together to proudly uphold the IPS flag aloft and help in making a difference to the way children are educated and their future is shaped.

‘Together we can do more.’

Ms. Snehlata Krishnan

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