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Teaching Pedagogies


The curriculum of Indirapuram Public School seeks to empower young people to achieve their full potential and prepares them to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives. The foundation stages are the initial five years of the school consisting of Pre-Primary, I, and II. The foundation stage aims to provide a learning curriculum which:

  • Promotes the personal development of children
  • Promotes a positive attitude and disposition towards learning
  • Promotes children's thinking skills, individual abilities, courage, creativity, and imagination
  • Allows children to gain confidence and competence in their physical abilities.
  • Develops children's curiosity and interest in the world around them
  • Enables children to communicate in different ways
  • Motivates children to develop literacy and numeracy skills.


The foundation stage curriculum is set under the following areas of learning:

  • Language and Literacy, including speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Mathematics and Numeracy, including numbers, measures, shapes, space, sorting, and patterns and relationships
  • Visual and performing arts, such as painting, music, and dance
  • Personal, Socio-Emotional, and Physical growth including life skills, yoga, and games.

Teaching Methodology

It is flexible and multi-faceted and the learning experience is discovery-based, activity-based and play-based that develops all aspects of the learner's personality from cognitive to social, emotional, creative, and physical.


Assessment is an integral part of the learning and teaching process by collecting information about a child's progress over a period of time. Teachers build a comprehensive picture of learning to plan for future work in developing assessments for foundation-stage learning practices.

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