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Life Skills and Awakened Citizen Program

Life Skills and Awakened Citizen Program

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”
- Swami Vivekananda

The school has been conducting various life skill programmes, workshops, and activities regularly to raise awareness and provide a safe space for students and teachers. These life skill activities include peer educator programmes, book launch events and adventure camps which are meant to boost students' interpersonal skills, while also allowing them to form strong bonds with their peers and gain problem-solving abilities. Our school believes that through such events, students will develop the habit of expressing gratitude, empathy, and resiliency via conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization. Our life skills educators have been trained to assist students in comprehending the complexities and shades of life.

Value Education is the process through which individuals give good values to each other, it means learning existing knowledge. To develop moral values, mental and social values, good manners, and personality of the people. Value education enhances our thinking ability and moral values. Mental and social thinking helps to enhance good value towards society. Ethics, values and morals are the three fundamental things of value education. To inculcate these values in our life, Indirapuram Public School is proudly associated with the Awakened Citizen Program (ACP) hosted by the Ramakrishna Mission New Delhi, for the past few years. ACP is a three-year graded programme for the students of classes 7, 8 and 9, designed to empower youth by allowing them to construct a moral code and realize their infinite potential.

Under this programme, every year 8 to 10 teachers attend a 2-day training programme. The teachers learn how to act as facilitators and help students to bring out their best versions by knowing themselves. Each one of us carries within us an infinite source of power, strength and goodness. This power and strength can be felt, every time we say “I CAN”. The emphasis is on opening the minds of the students, giving them a framework for decision making, enabling the discovery and acceptance of values and bringing about an inner transformation. Through various explorations, situation analyses, discussions and real-life examples, the students discover the tremendous impact of manifesting these possibilities and the means to do so. The key objective is to inculcate in them a sense of individualism. Throughout the year, the ACP programme offers a variety of educational and enlightening modules at various levels.

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