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School Code : 60310


Curricula Offered



The main goal of the psychology department is to not only teach students textbook knowledge but also to go beyond the theoretical framework and apply concepts in real-life circumstances. The teaching takes a wholesome approach, which makes the students equipped with knowledge based on the subject as well as skills that make them more insightful as humans.

Requirements and Visions

We have a psychology lab where students conduct various practicals, but in the upcoming years, we are looking at a lab that is not just limited to practicals but goes beyond them and provides us with facilities to move into the actual world of research and experimentation. It will help us to gain a better understanding of human behaviour.


The counselling cell of the team aims at establishing a space that is conducive to the emotional and social needs of the students along with their academic needs. We believe in the holistic development of the child as it is highly considered that the child's well-being can only be maintained when we provide the child with socio-emotional learning.

Counsellor Programs

The counsellor of the schools works for the overall well being of the school. Various programs available are:

  • Students Workshops
  • Parents Workshops
  • Teachers Workshops
  • Life Skills Programmes
  • Peer Educators Program- OurSpace Podcasts
  • Focus Group Discussions- The Talkers Tribe

Counselling Cell

The counselling cell works on both a micro and macro level, in terms of individual and group counselling. The cell caters to all of the students' emotional, cognitive, academic, personal, and social needs. The facilities provided are:

  • Individual Counseling Session (with students, parents, and teachers)
  • Small group sessions
  • Student workshops
  • Parents workshops

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