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Providing our students with the opportunity to develop their communication, negotiation, critical thinking and teamwork skills remains one of our school's many meaningful roles. Preparing and participating in Model United Nations (MUN) helps students develop these skills.

Students gain more experience and expertise on how to conduct diplomatic negotiations between two groups in a tactful and result-oriented manner by participating in MUNs. Apart from learning the skill of diplomacy, students interested in becoming professional diplomats can practise and groom themselves for the profession by participating in MUNs. Every year, our school hosts a three-day Intra-School MUN for the students. Originally, it was meant exclusively for students in grades 8 and higher, but in past years, our junior students have also become an integral feature of this diplomatic event. It comprises various international and national committees, in which students serve as delegates of various countries and even as famed portfolios. The concept of representing a particular country or figure enhances a student’s ability to connect with national and world politics, and it also develops a sense of belongingness with a certain country or community. The latest political, social, and financial issues, are deliberated at length in the committees and all delegates put forth their views and opinions on the same. The best solutions to the issues are unanimously passed in the forum. Considering all these aspects it is not a stretch to claim that the student’s personality flourishes at the MUN. Our goal of enhancing diplomacy skills is fulfilled as we see every delegate walking out of the committee with comprehensive knowledge and a sense of responsibility.

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