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Everything truly wonderful and inspiring is created by a person who has the ability to work freely. Following this thought, we at Indirapuram Public School, while looking forward to the precocious and robust development of our young minds, hosted season 11 of "Khoj – Search for Hidden Talent", 2021. We catered to the theme of the voice of 2030, allowing students to put forward their views regarding India and its future needs. We have organised 18 different events that are closely related to the SDG goals. The events include a variety of different genres such as dance, comic strip designing, mathematics, fashion shows, role-playing, etc. Each event is a collective effort to get the students to realise the sycophantic deeds of humans and the current situation of society and the environment, which is deteriorating day by day. Thus, by the end of this two-day event, we hope that each and every student gets to know better about the planet and uses their creativity, imagination, and analytical thinking to find solutions for the development and prosperity of our country.

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