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Teaching Pedagogies


The preparatory stage is of three years. It comprises grades III, IV and V. The learner's personality is developed through revelation and interaction, which strengthens all aspects of the learner's character, from intellectual to interpersonal, emotional, artistic, and physical.

The aim is not only cognitive development but also building character and creating holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with the key 21st-century skills.


The curriculum is designed considering the needs and interests of learners. It gives space for critical thinking and learning is based on inquiry, discovery, discussion and analysis. It is set out under the following areas of learning:

  • Languages-Hindi and English
  • Mathematics: It develops logical reasoning and mental rigour while also facilitating mental discipline. Furthermore, understanding the topics of other educational courses such as science, social studies, and even music and art is reliant on mathematical knowledge.
  • Environmental Studies: It helps students gain a better appreciation and understanding of their living and physical environments, as well as how to deal with difficult environmental challenges that harm nature.
  • Arts: Art Education promotes collaborative efforts and group learning. Not only can practising the arts aid with creativity, but it also helps with academic success.
  • Performing arts which include music and dance allows for the expression of thoughts and emotions, facilitates group work, helps in the development of self-confidence and imagination.
  • Sports certainly constitute a fundamental part of their lives, both in and out of school. The most obvious benefit of sports is improved physical fitness and health, which is accompanied by strengthened interpersonal and competency skills.

Teaching Methodology

It follows a system where teachers are integrating experimental learning into the classrooms now more than ever. Students are better able to apply ideas and knowledge taught in the classroom to real-world situations when they are immersed in hands-on experiences and reflection. They are also able to strengthen all of their senses through careful observation, inquisitive discovery, and spontaneous expression, which is a result of art and sports integration.


Assessment helps teachers in keeping track of all developmental milestones of the students, including cognitive, physical/motor, linguistic, social-emotional, and learning methodologies.

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