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Teaching Pedagogies


Middle Stage, consisting of grades 6-8, comprises three years of education built on the Preparatory Stage's pedagogical and curricular style but with the addition of learning and discussion of more abstract concepts in each subject. Despite the advent of increasingly specialised subjects and subject teachers, experiential learning within each subject and explorations of relations across subjects will be encouraged and highlighted. The middle stage courses are aimed to offer students with a broad traditional knowledge base while also increasing their awareness of the links that exist between all subjects and fields of study. Students are encouraged to ask and examine questions critically, as well as seek out and develop cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills.


The curriculum recognizes the fact that subjects taught to children promote their cognitive development and therefore require greater academic emphasis. Helping students acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to actively and responsibly participate in a changing and increasingly connected world by facilitating a holistic approach to learning. Therefore, to develop the student's core competencies, this curriculum includes some major areas of learning from a school and collaborative perspective which are:

  • English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, 3rd Language (French/German/Sanskrit)
  • Games & Vocational subjects (Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Special Programs such as Life Skills, Yoga, Health and Physical Education (HPE), Visual and Performing Arts, Various creative clubs, Awakened Citizen Program and many more are also offered to the students.

Teaching Methodology

Our team gets a deep understanding of the needs of this Age Group. Our teachers assure that each child acquires a deeper understanding of each subject offered at school and are able to identify, choose and pursue subject of their interest. As children are encouraged to do research and projects, different techniques are used to instil 21st century skills- Experiential learning, Game-based learning, Blended learning, Differential learning, Research-based learning, Peer teaching.


As recommended by CBSE & NCERT, the assessment model is fully aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020). Assessment, which considers various aspects such as observation, research, self-learning skills, and helping children pursue areas of interest, is adapted all across this stage. Group discussions, projects, field-trips, presentations, activities, and community service are intertwined into the subject of study. By giving them the opportunity to take part in scholastic and co-scholastic programs that serve multiple purposes, we ensure their holistic development.

As continuous and comprehensive assessment pattern is followed, students are not only assessed on pen and paper tests, but also on various subject enrichment activities, SDG activities, research-based activities, art-integrated activities, and artificial intelligence-based activities as we focus mainly on Assessment for learning (AfL) rather than Assessment of learning (AoL).

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