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Health and Physical Education


Health education is an activity aimed at the improvement of health-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours among students. At Indirapuram Public School, health-related issues are reviewed, and actions for overall development are taken. Teachers usually build and facilitate learning activities in P.E. that help students improve their decision-making abilities. Teachers, above all, deliver health information and are concerned about variables that affect life quality.

An individual’s physical and mental well-being is the concern of two similar areas of education: health education and physical education. Both deal with habits of exercise, sleep, rest, and recreation. Since physical well-being is only one aspect of a person’s overall health, physical education is often thought of as a part of health education. Health behaviour plays a major part in a person’s overall well-being. Since health-related behaviours are both learned and amenable to change, formal health education usually begins when a child is most flexible—in primary school/stage. This is also when a child is more apt to accept positive health behaviours. The main aim of our school is to provide the required health and physical education to each student.

Regular physical activity improves the health and well-being of those who engage in it. Participation of all children in free play, informal and formal games, yoga and sports activities are essential for their physical and psycho-social development. As a result of the application of these principles, our school is able to provide high-quality physical education. Playgrounds, equipment, and rules can all be modified to make activities and games accessible to all students in the school. Children can achieve high levels of excellence in sports like athletics, kho-kho, football, yoga etc. Our emphasis remains on enjoyment and fitness.

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