Message from the Group Director

principalGreetings to all parents, students and other visitors to this new and updated web site of our school. I trust your journey through this web site would be fruitful, and that we bring across the essentials of what our school is all about through the pages on this site.

Indirapuram Public School, Indirapuram has come a long way since its inception on 16 April 2003. Having charted an independent course since 1 Apr 2007, the school has grown from strength to strength, enhancing its facilities and teaching methodology with a view to fuse Indian values with modern and progressive education.

Located in the rapidly developing area of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, we at Indirapuram Public School pride ourselves in being one of the best schools in the National Capital Region today. Extremely modern in its outlook and providing the most up-to-date facilities, the school seeks to prepare the students to be global citizens, who yet have their feet grounded in the local community. It is only with this ‘Global’ attitude that we would be able to produce citizens of India who would merge seamlessly with the global environment and yet be able to relate completely with their identity as Indians. It would be our ceaseless endeavour to lay the foundation of character in our students, upon which the super-structure of a globally aware and locally conscious citizen would rest.

I congratulate the faculty and staff of the school for the standards the school has rapidly achieved in its march from inception to what it is today. I am sanguine that we, the faculty, parents and students of Indirapuram Public School will join hands to continue taking our school to greater heights in the future.

Rita Singh